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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Poll working

Okay, so the poll is working again.

Give it another try and let's see how it goes. LOL

Thank You

Friday, July 23, 2010

Poll Troubles

Hello Gentle Readers & Followers,

It would seem we are having trouble with our Poll question.

If you have answered our poll it has not registered.

So please post your answer to this installment.

Anonymous or not.

Thank You,

The Prez.

New Addition

Hello Gentle readers,

We have a new addition to the website.

Stop on by and take a gander, then take the poll here on the site.

Please also share your experiences here.

Thank You,

The Prez

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anonymous posting allowed

Hello all followers, readers, and others.

We have decided to make anonymous commenting available to you,

You will not have to leave your name or use your email or various ID accounts to comment.

However, we are moderating the comments to cut down on the anarchy and hate speech. (You KNOW who you are.)

We have received several threatening comments already (both against us and against Small Victories) and have not seen fit to allow them through.

Please feel free to share your honest feelings here however.

We will post them.


The author of this blog must apologize to their readers.

The past few weeks have been filled with activity, as well as having been locked out from the blog for a time due to a mess up with email servers not liking the blogger ISP.

We will hopefully be able to post more frequently now that things have quieted down.

Thank You For your patience.

Gentle Loving Warriors

When I as a prolifer watch the Rhinecat videos they turn my stomach.
That any woman could speak to a younger woman bound for an abortion this way is despicable.
When I see the snow video where she berates the other prolifers it is also very upsetting that the head of a MINISTRY could treat others this way.
Have any of you readers had your own experiences witnessing the head of Small Victories behaving in such a manner? What have you seen?