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Sunday, November 11, 2012

75,000 Hits

We at Small Victories Exposed.Com, would like to Thank You the reader, for your support.

Since the beginning of the year we have had over 75,000 hits!

That's right, over Seventy Five Thousand hits, and still counting!

This is in spite of the temporary crash of our server in October, due to increasingly high daily visits and bandwidth use.

Our server has since been upgraded and improved to prevent the increased traffic and bandwidth from bringing it down again.

Of course, quite a lot of those hits have been in the last few weeks, what with the election season being active and so many pro-life commercials running. Over 3,000 hits occured in the first week of November alone.

By telling your friends and neighbors about us, our site has now had visits from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Germany and the UK, all Thanks to You.

We have loved reading your emails with suggestions for topics, and your personal experiences, so please keep them coming.

Thank You so much for getting the word out, and keeping it out there.

President Small Victories Exposed.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

In their latest rant against pregnancy centers, Small Victories asks the

"Why would Kathy Sparks choose to selectively help pregnant girls? She goes
so far as to state on her brochure that girls must come to her pregnancy
center at the onset of their pregnancy and must take classes in order to
then receive help."

The answer is simple, just as Jesus told his disciples

Matthew 7:6
"Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you
do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to

There are people who make their living jumping from program to program,
ministry to ministry, church to church, living on the "help" provided by
good meaning christians.

So with this in mind, we are to be good stewards of the funds we are given,
part of that is making sure the person coming in is not just there for a
"free ride".

There is a process that must be followed and adhered to, to be sure they are
not as some say "putting new windows and curtains on the burning house"

Kathy Sparks is not the only person running Mosaic, there is a seven member
board that has to be answered to.

To whom does the Small Victories President answer to?
Her three person board, Angela Michael, Daniel Michael and Jess Bronow?

Mosaic is accredited, by an outside agency, they have open third party financial audits every year.

Who provides the audits for Small Victories?

What good does it do to give the woman help only to find that she has no
medical care set up for delivery?

What good does it do to help a woman deliver a child only to find out that she has no idea how to care for it?

Think about it.


The President of Small Victories has accused this website of posting lies.

Knowing that we could be sued for our postings, do you the reader actually believe that we would posit anything that we cannot prove?

We are using court documents, public records and widely published letters and documents as evidence to prove what we say. You can look these items up yourself, and we challenge you to do so as well.

So, we ask you again.

Would we publish anything we could not accurately and completely prove in a court of law, using a preponderance of evidence that proves what we are saying?

We have shown you our proof, now where is theirs?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We would like the reader to take note of the fact that in a recent website posting slamming Mosaic Pregnancy Centers, the author has provided a link to Guidestar so that you may see the 990 filing of that organization.

However, you do not need to go to this link to view these files.

Mosaic has posted their 990 filing for 2009 on their own website.

They have posted their EIN Tax number, and they are accredited by Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA),

So we have to ask;

Where are Small Victories financial documents posted?

Who is Small Victories accredited by?

When was the last time an independent outside audit was performed to verify accuracy?

Who did this audit?

To whom is Small Victories accountable?

By state and federal law, they have to answer these questions from anyone who asks, and especially if a donor asks these questions.

Have YOU asked these questions?

Defending the Ministry or ????

In a recent Letter to the Editor of the Belleville News Democrat, (See Below) Jess Bronow claims to be defending a ministry that he has worked "along side of" for the past several years.

What Mr. Bronow does not explain or disclose, is that he himself is a member of the board of Small Victories ministry.

He is listed on their 2010 990 tax filing as a member of their board.

View it here:

Since Mr. Bronow is a member of the board, his letter is less a neutral third party defense of his friends' ministry, and more of a self serving defense.

With this in mind. Mr. Bronow has not only the RIGHT but also the RESPONSIBILITY to view and report to the public and their donors on the contents of the financial documents and dealings of the ministry.

Transparency breeds trust.

The best way to defend oneself against accusations of financial misdealings is to provide the records, ALL the records, for public examination.

Or better yet, provide a clear independent third party audit of the finacial records.

Now we have to ask the obvious question.

Has Mr. Bronow disclosed that he is a member of the board to potential donors he has approached for donations?

If not he may be in some legal trouble.

Trustees and Board Members have very specific duties required of them by Illinois Statute 769 ILCS 55 and Federal Tax Codes that require them to disclose their relationship, before seeking or accepting donations for the charity they are working for or with.

Something to think about.

Defending this ministry
Once again I write in defense of Small Victories and the Michaels, with whom I have worked for 14 years. I have heard slanderous attacks concerning their financial accountability. When do the Michaels have time to misuse funds? They are at the Hope Clinic in Granite City five days a week.
Many individuals and groups, including Christian ones, criticize but have no idea about the saving actions the Michaels take to clothe, feed and shelter babies and their mothers. How can someone criticize without knowing the whole truth?
At the Labor Day parade in Granite City, the Madison County sheriff approached Angela Michael and thanked her for being there to represent the mission to save babies. A little girl who attended the Highland picnic thanked Angela for saving her from abortion at the Hope Clinic.
Those who send in anonymous comments have no clue. Who are these people? If they know something negative, let them identify themselves so the Michaels might defend themselves.
Policemen often send girls under 18 years of age to the Michaels because other agencies and shelters will not take these young women. I have witnessed the Michaels give pregnant girls money to buy something to eat after they have ultrasounds. Ultrasound viewing has saved many, many lives.
I know that any money donated to Small Victories is well-spent and used only to save and help babies.
Jess Bronow

Read more here:


UPDATE: The author of this tome has changed the title to "MOSAIC/THRIVE ST. LOUIS PREGNANCY CENTERS " to prevent cross posting or in the hopes of getting more attention. We can only posit that the author is hoping to attract a lawsuit filed by the subjects of the article.

In a recent posting, Small Victories implies and makes accusations that Pregnancy Centers in the area are taking money and using it improperly to pay salaries and keep their centers open.

It is clear from this hate filled missive, that the author believes that by bad mouthing other ministries, they will get more of YOUR money in donations.

What the author does not seem to be able to do is simple math.

In one paragraph, the author flat out states that Small Victories spent almost 75% of their income on their clients.

"and almost 75% of the money collected went towards helping moms and their babies, both directly and indirectly, as well as helping others in need."

Well to do this they would have to spend a MINIMUM of $76,000.00 on their clients.

However their tax return shows that they actually took in $101,556.00 and spent $67,016.00 on Administrative costs and supplies, (items like Rent, Telephone, Gasoline, Calendars, Vehicle parts, Advertising, Supplies for Small Victories, Conferences & Mission Trips, Gifts to OTHER Ministries etc.)

They spent a mere $33,157.00 on their clients directly.

Food & Groceries for Girls $ 4,090.00
Gifts & Supplies for Girls $29,067.00
TOTAL $33,157.00

You may view their actual tax return filed with the IRS at

It is clear that the author of this story believes that by destroying the reputations of the local Pregnancy Centers, they will get YOU to give your money to Small Victories because you will believe that they are doing the most with it, and the most good.

However, while the Pregnancy Centers are displaying transparency in their financial dealings by providing their financial records to those who ask for them, Small Victories displays obfuscation and covers up their financial dealings by refusing to answer questions about where their money actually goes.

See the conflict that they had with The Knights of Columbus over a simple request to provide proof of 501 C 3 status for two of their three ministries here.

By asking for these documents, (which they are required to provide by law) the Knights of Columbus became their enemy. This request resulted in the picketing of K of C events and accusing the K of C of being "Pro Choice".

All because the new officers wanted some accountability.

Accountability is based on transparency, and transparency is the underpinning of trust.

In another of the paragraphs, the author asks Shawn Regan. if the speaker at a pro life event, was paid to tell her story. The author reports that Shaw Regan said "no".

Does this mean that Small Victories is paying their clients to speak at their events? How much did Small Victories pay Shawn Regan to speak at Small Victories events?

The author relates a quaint story about testifying in the Missouri House of Representatives about a bill and being placed with the "pro aborts". However, it is not quite what the official House record portrays.

This bill required doctors performing abortions to have privileges at a hospital that is within 30 miles of the abortion clinic. It prevented people who were not the patient's parents from bringing women in for abortions without the parent's knowledge and consent, and it provided stiff penalties for breaking this law.

You may read the ENTIRE transcript of the hearing here:

"Testifying for the bill were Representative Cunningham (86);
Kathy Sparks; Mike Sparks; Melanie Mills; Shawn E. Regan;
Alliance for Life-Missouri; Missouri Catholic Conference;
Missouri Family Network; Missouri Baptist Convention, Christian
Life Commission; and Campaign Life Missouri.

Others testifying on the bill were Hope Clinic for Women; Ruth
Arrick; and Angela Michael."

So in reality Shawn E. Regan was able to tell her own story at this hearing.

Others however, who claim to have spoken FOR the bill, were either ambivalent to it, or spoke against it.

Strange isn't it?

Official transcripts of the word for word testimony given on the bill, are available from the Missouri House of Representatives.

Do not take the word of the author that has told people in the past that the President of Small Victories has been married to only one man her entire life.
It has been proven on our website she has not.

Also that the President of Small Victories is a Registered Nurse, when it is easily proven by license records and her own testimony in court that she clearly isn't.

Check out these accusations yourself, then decide whom to give your donations to.

It is the only way to find the truth.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Comparing Apples to Nuts!

The leaders of Small Victories USA are very fond of pointing out that “pregnancy centers have not saved a single baby” or “Pregnancy centers do not save babies” and “not one woman walking in to a pregnancy center is thinking of having an abortion”.

Isn’t this like saying, “No transmission shop has ever rebuilt an engine” or “That transmission shop has never repainted a single car body, and “no car owner has walked in to a body shop to have their engine rebuilt.”

You see the statements they are making are flawed, because, while the pregnancy centers do perform ultrasound, and do provide counseling, they of course do not try to convince women not to have an abortion, in their offices. By the time the women have come there they have already made the decision not to have an abortion.

The pregnancy centers have different goals, and ideals to work with, than the sidewalk counselors and sidewalk heralds have.

Think about it, if literally everyone had the same job in the pro-life movement, once we convinced a woman not to have an abortion, and to choose life, where would she go?

Who would give her counseling to take care of herself during the pregnancy? Who would help her to have the baby? Who would help her have her baby adopted?

My point is, if you are going to compare something, compare apples to apples, and not apples to oranges.

If the point is that the money goes to raising children and not saving children, then yes, give to the organization that is doing what YOU want the money to go to.

Then verify where it is going.


By asking for the accounting of the funds given, Federal and most state laws require that these be given to donors and potential donors within 72 hours of the request.

Refusing to give this information out is grounds for prosecution and loss of charitable status.

Yet, Small Victories has in the past howled at the very thought of someone outside of their board looking at their financial records, other than the records their treasurer wants you to see.

Did you know that by law, all 501 C 3 organizations must show you their bank statements issued from the bank, not just an 8.5 by 14 piece of handwritten paper given to you by the treasurer? They also have to allow you to view the books of the organization as well.

Have you ever asked Small Victories USA for proof of where your donations have been going?

If so what did you get?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Problem with comments

Hello all readers.

We have had a breakdown in the communication system here at this blog.

For some reason comments have been posted by you, but then deleted by the sysytem.

If you have posted in the last ten days and not seen your post on this site, please post again.

We will be more diligent in checking the posts for moderation and getting them up.

Thank you

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Accuracy or something else perhaps?

Hello Gentle Readers,

Once again the President of Small Victories has used her “clairvoyance” to post more inaccuracies and untruths to the world, via her website.

In her street report for August 14th Angela reports that
“A femi-nazi deathscort pulled up to our heels, and noticeably she was parked in the illegal zone. She was harassing a few of the pro-lifers and taking notes and license plates. Officer Maue arrived and we told him the situation. He walked over to her to inquire her business. A few minutes into it, she pulled over across the street and sat in the emergency room parking lot continuing to write and look over at our presence. We asked him why she didn’t receive a parking ticket as she was in clear violation of the parking code in the City of Slaughter. In front of several witnesses he replied, “I issue tickets at my discretion.” He got into his squad car and drove off. She then drove around the mill a few times, eventually leaving.”

Strangely this “femi-nazi deathscort” was in fact a reporter for the Riverfront Times, the same reporter that the President of Small Victories identified in her street report for the next week as “A liberal, pro-choice reporter from New York was outside snapping pictures of us and a homosexual deathscort showed up for his pictorial.”

In fact, the reporter from “New York” is a reporter from St. Louis originally from Oregon by way of Boston University.

Those of us at Small Victories Exposed had no idea that Oregon, Boston and New York were so close together. Ignoring that fact that Oregon and Boston have a majority of the United states between them, and the fact that Boston and New York have the state of Connecticut between them. We must point out that accuracy, truth and facts have never been one of Small Victories strengths.

One of the points that the President of Small Victories leaves out, is WHY did officer Maue arrive? Because he was called by one of Small Victories members perhaps?
The world may never know. But most of us can guess can’t we readers?

Of course there is also the fact that in the photo on Small Victories website, the reporter is misidentified as a “Wash U Deathscort. Which she in fact is not. Once again accuracy and facts, not their strong point.

This kind of slanted bombastic reporting is typical of all we have come to expect from Small Victories. Get some photos, make up the story, hope no one notices.

Note also in the reporter’s story, that she points out that the President of Small Victories is NOT a Registered Nurse. It seems we are not the only ones keeping track of Small Victories credentials.

While we at Small Victories exposed neither support nor condemn the Riverfront Times, we do applaud the effort to accurately report the story.