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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Accuracy or something else perhaps?

Hello Gentle Readers,

Once again the President of Small Victories has used her “clairvoyance” to post more inaccuracies and untruths to the world, via her website.

In her street report for August 14th Angela reports that
“A femi-nazi deathscort pulled up to our heels, and noticeably she was parked in the illegal zone. She was harassing a few of the pro-lifers and taking notes and license plates. Officer Maue arrived and we told him the situation. He walked over to her to inquire her business. A few minutes into it, she pulled over across the street and sat in the emergency room parking lot continuing to write and look over at our presence. We asked him why she didn’t receive a parking ticket as she was in clear violation of the parking code in the City of Slaughter. In front of several witnesses he replied, “I issue tickets at my discretion.” He got into his squad car and drove off. She then drove around the mill a few times, eventually leaving.”

Strangely this “femi-nazi deathscort” was in fact a reporter for the Riverfront Times, the same reporter that the President of Small Victories identified in her street report for the next week as “A liberal, pro-choice reporter from New York was outside snapping pictures of us and a homosexual deathscort showed up for his pictorial.”

In fact, the reporter from “New York” is a reporter from St. Louis originally from Oregon by way of Boston University.

Those of us at Small Victories Exposed had no idea that Oregon, Boston and New York were so close together. Ignoring that fact that Oregon and Boston have a majority of the United states between them, and the fact that Boston and New York have the state of Connecticut between them. We must point out that accuracy, truth and facts have never been one of Small Victories strengths.

One of the points that the President of Small Victories leaves out, is WHY did officer Maue arrive? Because he was called by one of Small Victories members perhaps?
The world may never know. But most of us can guess can’t we readers?

Of course there is also the fact that in the photo on Small Victories website, the reporter is misidentified as a “Wash U Deathscort. Which she in fact is not. Once again accuracy and facts, not their strong point.

This kind of slanted bombastic reporting is typical of all we have come to expect from Small Victories. Get some photos, make up the story, hope no one notices.

Note also in the reporter’s story, that she points out that the President of Small Victories is NOT a Registered Nurse. It seems we are not the only ones keeping track of Small Victories credentials.

While we at Small Victories exposed neither support nor condemn the Riverfront Times, we do applaud the effort to accurately report the story.