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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Comparing Apples to Nuts!

The leaders of Small Victories USA are very fond of pointing out that “pregnancy centers have not saved a single baby” or “Pregnancy centers do not save babies” and “not one woman walking in to a pregnancy center is thinking of having an abortion”.

Isn’t this like saying, “No transmission shop has ever rebuilt an engine” or “That transmission shop has never repainted a single car body, and “no car owner has walked in to a body shop to have their engine rebuilt.”

You see the statements they are making are flawed, because, while the pregnancy centers do perform ultrasound, and do provide counseling, they of course do not try to convince women not to have an abortion, in their offices. By the time the women have come there they have already made the decision not to have an abortion.

The pregnancy centers have different goals, and ideals to work with, than the sidewalk counselors and sidewalk heralds have.

Think about it, if literally everyone had the same job in the pro-life movement, once we convinced a woman not to have an abortion, and to choose life, where would she go?

Who would give her counseling to take care of herself during the pregnancy? Who would help her to have the baby? Who would help her have her baby adopted?

My point is, if you are going to compare something, compare apples to apples, and not apples to oranges.

If the point is that the money goes to raising children and not saving children, then yes, give to the organization that is doing what YOU want the money to go to.

Then verify where it is going.


By asking for the accounting of the funds given, Federal and most state laws require that these be given to donors and potential donors within 72 hours of the request.

Refusing to give this information out is grounds for prosecution and loss of charitable status.

Yet, Small Victories has in the past howled at the very thought of someone outside of their board looking at their financial records, other than the records their treasurer wants you to see.

Did you know that by law, all 501 C 3 organizations must show you their bank statements issued from the bank, not just an 8.5 by 14 piece of handwritten paper given to you by the treasurer? They also have to allow you to view the books of the organization as well.

Have you ever asked Small Victories USA for proof of where your donations have been going?

If so what did you get?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Problem with comments

Hello all readers.

We have had a breakdown in the communication system here at this blog.

For some reason comments have been posted by you, but then deleted by the sysytem.

If you have posted in the last ten days and not seen your post on this site, please post again.

We will be more diligent in checking the posts for moderation and getting them up.

Thank you