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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


UPDATE: The author of this tome has changed the title to "MOSAIC/THRIVE ST. LOUIS PREGNANCY CENTERS " to prevent cross posting or in the hopes of getting more attention. We can only posit that the author is hoping to attract a lawsuit filed by the subjects of the article.

In a recent posting, Small Victories implies and makes accusations that Pregnancy Centers in the area are taking money and using it improperly to pay salaries and keep their centers open.

It is clear from this hate filled missive, that the author believes that by bad mouthing other ministries, they will get more of YOUR money in donations.

What the author does not seem to be able to do is simple math.

In one paragraph, the author flat out states that Small Victories spent almost 75% of their income on their clients.

"and almost 75% of the money collected went towards helping moms and their babies, both directly and indirectly, as well as helping others in need."

Well to do this they would have to spend a MINIMUM of $76,000.00 on their clients.

However their tax return shows that they actually took in $101,556.00 and spent $67,016.00 on Administrative costs and supplies, (items like Rent, Telephone, Gasoline, Calendars, Vehicle parts, Advertising, Supplies for Small Victories, Conferences & Mission Trips, Gifts to OTHER Ministries etc.)

They spent a mere $33,157.00 on their clients directly.

Food & Groceries for Girls $ 4,090.00
Gifts & Supplies for Girls $29,067.00
TOTAL $33,157.00

You may view their actual tax return filed with the IRS at

It is clear that the author of this story believes that by destroying the reputations of the local Pregnancy Centers, they will get YOU to give your money to Small Victories because you will believe that they are doing the most with it, and the most good.

However, while the Pregnancy Centers are displaying transparency in their financial dealings by providing their financial records to those who ask for them, Small Victories displays obfuscation and covers up their financial dealings by refusing to answer questions about where their money actually goes.

See the conflict that they had with The Knights of Columbus over a simple request to provide proof of 501 C 3 status for two of their three ministries here.

By asking for these documents, (which they are required to provide by law) the Knights of Columbus became their enemy. This request resulted in the picketing of K of C events and accusing the K of C of being "Pro Choice".

All because the new officers wanted some accountability.

Accountability is based on transparency, and transparency is the underpinning of trust.

In another of the paragraphs, the author asks Shawn Regan. if the speaker at a pro life event, was paid to tell her story. The author reports that Shaw Regan said "no".

Does this mean that Small Victories is paying their clients to speak at their events? How much did Small Victories pay Shawn Regan to speak at Small Victories events?

The author relates a quaint story about testifying in the Missouri House of Representatives about a bill and being placed with the "pro aborts". However, it is not quite what the official House record portrays.

This bill required doctors performing abortions to have privileges at a hospital that is within 30 miles of the abortion clinic. It prevented people who were not the patient's parents from bringing women in for abortions without the parent's knowledge and consent, and it provided stiff penalties for breaking this law.

You may read the ENTIRE transcript of the hearing here:

"Testifying for the bill were Representative Cunningham (86);
Kathy Sparks; Mike Sparks; Melanie Mills; Shawn E. Regan;
Alliance for Life-Missouri; Missouri Catholic Conference;
Missouri Family Network; Missouri Baptist Convention, Christian
Life Commission; and Campaign Life Missouri.

Others testifying on the bill were Hope Clinic for Women; Ruth
Arrick; and Angela Michael."

So in reality Shawn E. Regan was able to tell her own story at this hearing.

Others however, who claim to have spoken FOR the bill, were either ambivalent to it, or spoke against it.

Strange isn't it?

Official transcripts of the word for word testimony given on the bill, are available from the Missouri House of Representatives.

Do not take the word of the author that has told people in the past that the President of Small Victories has been married to only one man her entire life.
It has been proven on our website she has not.

Also that the President of Small Victories is a Registered Nurse, when it is easily proven by license records and her own testimony in court that she clearly isn't.

Check out these accusations yourself, then decide whom to give your donations to.

It is the only way to find the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Small Victories is counting on people to be out of touch with reality and to buy in to the propaganda they give to believe in them. They criticize other pro-life groups for making conditions to receive help. And why I don't really know the specifics of those organizations, the reality of dealing with people is that you often have to make conditions. Why? Because if you offer to pay their rent, utilities and give them free baby supplies for months, you will be taken advantage of, lied to, etc. That's just human nature. Here is a reality test - if Small Victories will help out just anyone who is pregnant (remember with no conditions), give them thousands of dollars of supplies, etc., wouldn't word get out and multitudes of people be thronging to get that? If you are not sure, then think back to what happens at Walmarts on the day after Thanksgiving!