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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Defending the Ministry or ????

In a recent Letter to the Editor of the Belleville News Democrat, (See Below) Jess Bronow claims to be defending a ministry that he has worked "along side of" for the past several years.

What Mr. Bronow does not explain or disclose, is that he himself is a member of the board of Small Victories ministry.

He is listed on their 2010 990 tax filing as a member of their board.

View it here:

Since Mr. Bronow is a member of the board, his letter is less a neutral third party defense of his friends' ministry, and more of a self serving defense.

With this in mind. Mr. Bronow has not only the RIGHT but also the RESPONSIBILITY to view and report to the public and their donors on the contents of the financial documents and dealings of the ministry.

Transparency breeds trust.

The best way to defend oneself against accusations of financial misdealings is to provide the records, ALL the records, for public examination.

Or better yet, provide a clear independent third party audit of the finacial records.

Now we have to ask the obvious question.

Has Mr. Bronow disclosed that he is a member of the board to potential donors he has approached for donations?

If not he may be in some legal trouble.

Trustees and Board Members have very specific duties required of them by Illinois Statute 769 ILCS 55 and Federal Tax Codes that require them to disclose their relationship, before seeking or accepting donations for the charity they are working for or with.

Something to think about.

Defending this ministry
Once again I write in defense of Small Victories and the Michaels, with whom I have worked for 14 years. I have heard slanderous attacks concerning their financial accountability. When do the Michaels have time to misuse funds? They are at the Hope Clinic in Granite City five days a week.
Many individuals and groups, including Christian ones, criticize but have no idea about the saving actions the Michaels take to clothe, feed and shelter babies and their mothers. How can someone criticize without knowing the whole truth?
At the Labor Day parade in Granite City, the Madison County sheriff approached Angela Michael and thanked her for being there to represent the mission to save babies. A little girl who attended the Highland picnic thanked Angela for saving her from abortion at the Hope Clinic.
Those who send in anonymous comments have no clue. Who are these people? If they know something negative, let them identify themselves so the Michaels might defend themselves.
Policemen often send girls under 18 years of age to the Michaels because other agencies and shelters will not take these young women. I have witnessed the Michaels give pregnant girls money to buy something to eat after they have ultrasounds. Ultrasound viewing has saved many, many lives.
I know that any money donated to Small Victories is well-spent and used only to save and help babies.
Jess Bronow

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Anonymous said...

In his letter, Mr. Bronow asks "when do the Michaels have time to misuse funds?" It is amazing that a man of his age would ask such a question. It takes MORE time to appropriately use, track and account for funds properly, not LESS. Ask any accountant or bookkeeper if you are not sure!

Anonymous said...

I just looked at the SV 2010 990EZ tax form and am quite shocked that they received over $100,000 in contributions... I know pro-life missionaries who are barely receiving enough contributions to buy food or pay rent. But they aren't jealous of other pro-lifers and ministries, nor do they slander them. Pro-life ministries should be working for the same goal - to end the slaughter of the preborn - not to make a name for themselves or become celebrities. As for me, I'll contribute to my local pregnancy care center that has accountability and oversight.